In the many years that we have been in business, we have made custom furniture and provided commercial material to numerous shops, schools and offices. Here you can see a sample of some projects carried out. We appreciate the opportunities you give us to put your business or workspace in our hands.

Gomila Cycles

We carry out all the commercial installation of this network of bicycle sales and accessories stores in Mallorca. We manufacture professional cycling accessories and clothing in our workshop for the exhibition. We carry out custom manufacturing in light tones to match the general decoration. Thinking about the variety of products they have, such as jerseys, socks and caps.

Also on the wall the supports for the placement of cycling shoes, separated by brands. In the same way, special supports were designed to measure for the placement of wheels, covers and helmets.

To say that the furniture on the floor of the store is installed with wheels, for a comfortable and easy handling of movement in the store.

Amengual Dols

Shop specializing in construction and gardening material. We carry out the entire design process and study of the space. Seeing the opportunities offered by the commercial premises, it was designed by sections and categories. Thus, each product area was clearly differentiated with its products. To leave fluid spaces that are very comfortable and practical for your clients.

Spacious and bright spaces, to make purchases without stress. We make all metal shelves in gray. In different sizes and placements to show the products in the most visual and appetizing way possible.

Bestard shoe store

The Bestar shoe brand relied on our specialists to manufacture the furniture for its store in Mallorca. Bestard is a brand of highly technical footwear for the mountains (mountain, treekking, trail walking, Nordic walking).

We custom design some shelves for the placement of footwear by the categories they offer. In addition to being able to separate their shoes by women and men.

First of all, we carefully measure all the dimensions of the store and manufacture everything necessary in white wood. We also decorate the walls where matching footwear in the same wood is not exposed. Leaving the entire commercial facility on the same line.

Queens College

The Queens College of Mallorca entrusted us with the design and manufacture of the classrooms of its facilities. As well as the design and manufacture of furniture for the special classrooms of its facilities. Here we perfectly integrate the different areas, separating the tap area for your activities from the tables.

In addition, we created the tables and desks of the students in the same tune.